Grace Rendall – Vice President and General Manager
Carmen Velazquez– Receptionist
Eddie Hernandez – Production Manager
Brad Bishop – Chief Engineer
Rene Cadena – Graphics, Editor/Producer
Mike Rivera – Graphics, Editor/Producer
Robert Wilson – IT/Web Manager
Adrian Pereyra – Editor/Producer Ch 38.2
Sarah Adame – Production Assistant Ch 38.2
Adriana Marquez – Production Assistant Ch 38.2 & 38.3
Ester Hudson – Unidos Program Coordinator
Angel Conger – Traffic Manager
Debbie Gamwell – Bookkeeper
Walter Hanthorn – Building and Maintenance Supervisor
Sergio Barrios – Master Control Operator
Jose Garcia – Master Control Operator
Isaac Montes – Master Control Operator
Evan Walsh – Master Control Operator
Valerie Edwards – Production Assistant
Lori Bowden – United Program Coordinator

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