LIFE! TV began as a small TV station. Over 32 years God has grown the coverage of this non-profit ministry by His mercy. The ministry’s Mission Statement remains: “KSCE TV, Channel 38, in El Paso, TX, exists by God’s grace for the purpose of preparing the Way of the Lord, by broadcasting the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to those for whom He died.” (Isaiah 40:3-5, Luke 3:4-6)  Over the years,the ministry has developed four additional channels which are now aired along with the original channel, which airs great programs that are mostly in English, but also Spanish daily, and two weekly Arabic programming blocks. The second channel, VIDA, consists of all Spanish programming;  the third is LIFE! End Times TV; the fourth airs children and family programs; and the last airs the Bible only. In 2017, the ministry acquired a second TV station in Cheyenne, WY, (KGSC TV 33) where the broadcasts continue, as well as in Alamogordo, NM. LIFE! Christian Broadcasting Network is also seen locally on Spectrum and Comcast Cable, as well as smaller Cable companies in surrounding areas, DirecTV, Dish and U-verse, ROKU, You Tube and other platforms.  LIFE!’s purpose is to reach as many people as The LIFE! Channels carried on Fire TV are diverse in programming but each will entertain,inform, inspire, and bless the viewer with a variety of interesting programs, with something for each family member.  LIFE! One provides music, children’s programs, International and Israel news, documentaries, Bible teaching and church services, movies, magazine and interview shows, shows for women, science, health, and more.   VIDA Television Cristiana is LIFE!’s all Spanish channel with a wide variety of programs. LIFE! End Times TV is a Channel of programming that focuses on current events, Bible prophecy, help for living a God honoring life, along with music, movies and stunning documentaries, and more.  Our programs help the viewer to understand the times and the seasons in which we are living:  why certain things are happening in our nation and the world, what they mean,  how should one respond, what can a person do to make the world a better and more peaceful, and much, much more. We invite you to check out LIFE! Christian Broadcasting and find good programs that you will be encouraged by and enjoy. We seek to be an encouragement to our viewers, and a help to equip them for today’s life!

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